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Otto; or, Up With Dead People

otto or up with dead people

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Land: USA
Jahr: 2008
Regisseur: Bruce La Bruce
Schauspieler: Jey Crisfar, Katharina Klewinghaus, Susanne Sachsse, Marcel Schlutt, Guido Sommer, Christophe Chemin, Gio Black Peter
Laufzeit: ?
Altersfreigabe: ?
Offizielle Homepage:
VÖ-Datum Schweiz: unbekannt

Inhalt: Please allow me to introduce myself, I’m a boy of no wealth and some distaste. My name is Otto. I unlive in Berlin sometimes, sometimes farther north, depending on mood. Then again, I only have one mood: dead. Undead. I find it difficult to make an unliving because I am homeless. I recently starred in a movie called Otto, made by a crazy lesbian avant-garde filmmaker named Medea Yarn. She paid me a little, but I’m waiting for the royalties. Speaking of royalty, I was once anointed Prince of the Zombies. It was at a garbage dump. You had to be there. You’ll have to excuse me for now. I have to go eat some roadkill. A bientot. x Otto

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