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The Book of Zombie

Book of Zombie

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Land: USA
Jahr: 2008
Regisseur: Erik van Sant
Schauspieler: Brian Ibsen, Larisa Peters, Andrew Loviska, Paul Cantu, Adrienne MacIan, Bill Johns…
Laufzeit: ?
Altersfreigabe: ?
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VÖ-Datum Schweiz: unbekannt

Inhalt: Let me spin this quick for you… we call ourselves the „amateur professionals“. We’re all in television here in Seattle, but we don’t like it much. One day we kicked around an idea for a short film based on zombies. Before we knew it, the five-page treatment evolved into a full-blown script. ‚The Book Of Zombie‘ is being made by people who love horror, for people who love horror. Sure, it’s low budget, but that doesn’t mean we’re not going to knock your dicks in the dirt with our ingenuity. We’re really excited, and we want to bring all of you along as we try and figure out what the hell we’re doing. Keep checking in for updates…

In the meantime, ask yourself: How do you kill a Mormon Zombie?

Einige Bilder zum Film:

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